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Swingate Primary School

Swingate Primary School

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Foundation Stage 1 Classes

Welcome to the Nursery


Welcome to Rainbows!

In the nursery we learn how to make lots of friends.  We are kind and share our toys and are confident to get involved in activities! We are great at using our imagination and role play, dance and sing.  We love getting messy using paints, chalks and glue!  Being active is one of our favourite things; we love climbing, jumping, running and crawling. We also work on making our fingers strong by using playdough and tools like tweezers and scissors.  Finding out about the world we live in is very exciting and we love to talk about what we can see around us.  Last year we watched frogspawn develop and looked after our caterpillars as they changed into butterflies.  We love to make marks on paper, chalkboards, glitter and in messy things like gloop.  ​We have lots of fun developing our maths skills and sing number songs and count and talk about shapes whilst we build and make pictures.    At nursery we enjoy sharing stories and often act them out using puppets.  We love singing songs and our Christmas show for parents is one of the highlights of our year!