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Remembrance 2016

 Please take some time to read the children's thoughts about Poppy Day











Thought’s for Remembrance 2016

~in support of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

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As part of our remembrance, 665 poppies and butterflies were written  by our children from 3 to 11 years old. These are displayed in the school grounds and in the trees for all to read and share.



Our Swingate Poppy Girls

Poppy Webster, Poppy Arnold ,Poppy Morris, Poppy Dickinson and Poppy Kinslow


As a school we feel it is important to stop and take a moment and think of others. It is important our children are taught about the past and not forget those who have lost lives or have been injured during conflict.

The work of many organisations such as the Royal British Legion is vital and wearing a poppy does make a difference. We must remember that this is not just about those who have fought in the wars but those who continue to live. This year the Legion’s slogan is…….

Rethink  Remembrance

There’s a new generation of veterans that need your support.


During our special assembly we are joined by a serving soldier from Brompton Barracks who takes the time to meet the children afterwards and answer a range of questions posed by our children.


Rev’ Kichenside shares a prayer with us during the assembly and our choir sing a number of songs.

We are joined by parents, grandparents and members of the local community. It is always a special time of the year.






Time passes by so very quickly and in our busy lives, it seems unimportant to look back at lessons learnt. War is beyond awful and its consequences far reaching. It is important that we teach our children about the past and they respect those who have given so much.




I love you  Lola Rainbow Nursery aged 3

Give them a cuddle Ryan  Rainbow Nursery aged 3

Kisses and cuddles to say thank you Finley Rainbow Nursery aged 3

Thank you Emily/ Chloe/ Poppy  Rainbow Nursery aged 3


I love you soldiers Brandon aged 4 Ladybird class

Thank you for fighting bad people. Jack Ladybird class aged 4

You are brave Harley Ladybird class aged 4

Thank you for looking after our country. Jacob Caterpillar class aged 4

Thank you for looking after us. Mark Bumblebees class aged 4

Thank you for helping. Millie Bumblebees class aged 4

Thank you for saving our lives Evie Bumblebees class aged 4


To soldiers. Thank you for looking after us you are brilliant. Brooke. Penguin class aged 5

Dear soldiers. Thank you for protecting us. Harrison. Penguin class aged 5

Thank you soldiers for being brave. Evie Unicorn class aged 5

I wear my poppy because I remember you. You look after me. Harry Unicorn class aged 5

Dear soldier. Thank you for making the war stop. I wear my poppy to remember you. Rory Unicorn class aged 5

Thank you for protecting us. Luca Elephant class aged 5

Thank you for helping us. Neve Elephant class aged 5

Thank you for risking your life for us. Thank you for fighting for our country and you must be sad to not see your family for a long time. You are really brave Lene Ostriches class aged 6

Dear soldiers. Thank you for going to war to save our lives and I hope you finish soon. You are our heroes for ever. You are brave. I also hope you stay alive. I think you miss your family. Olly Ostriches class aged 6

I am so grateful for saving England. You are so courageous. I will always wear my poppy every day so I can remember you because you are important. Freddie  Meerkat class aged 6

To our Brave soldiers. I am filled with pride that you have gone out and tried to save our lives. All of us think that you’re courageous and your heart is filled with braveness. Lorelei Meerkat class aged 6

Thank you for risking your life to protect our precious country. I will wear my poppy with pride. I am very grateful for leaving your families to fight for England. Holly Meerkat class aged 7.

Dear soldier. I am so proud of you. You are amazing because you are helpful and brave. You are like a star and tank because you are strong. I will wear my poppy. I will remember you. Charlie G Giraffe class aged 6

Dear soldier. Thank you for saving our country from Baddies, you’re very courageous and I appreciate it. I feel bad because you might not see your family ever again. You work really, really hard to keep us safe. I will wear my poppy every day. You deserve £100,000. You are braver than jumping out of an airplane. Liam Giraffe class aged 6



Dear soldiers. Thank you for sacrificing your life for those of others. I wish that you were still alive. Thank you for caring and risking your life for us. I will wear my poppy to remember you and to support you. Riley 3M aged 7

Dear soldiers thank you for sacrificing your life .Thank you for risking your life for us. As I look up to the sky I see soldiers. Darcie 3M aged 7

Dear soldiers. You died a long time ago. You worked hard in battle and were very brave. I will wear a poppy to remember you. Max 3D aged 7

Dear soldiers I hope it won’t happen again because all the people who died is very sad. Lulu 3D aged 7

To Grandad Bill. Thank you Grandad Bill for looking after England and the family. I’m sorry for the people who died in the wars. Thank you soldiers. Sienna 3K aged 7

My great grandad was in WW1 we are thankful for all the people who risked their lives for our lives. They have given us a lovely world so we must remember them. So we wear our poppies so we will always remember them. Darley 3K aged 7.


Dear armed forces. I would like to thank you. You have given your life for me and for that I would like to let you rest in peace and let your soul run free to the beautiful sunset. Maddison 4TP aged 8

We all come together for a special assembly to think about the armed forces. This is something very special to all of us. A poppy is a sign of people thinking of the armed forces who put others before themselves. Summer 4TP aged 8

Dear armed forces. Thank you for going to war to the battles. I am grateful for the surgeons who tried their hardest to find the best treatment they could to help the soldiers. Every single soldier will be remembered by someone. I am thankful for the sacrifices you made in the war. Louie 4TP aged 8.

I miss you great grandad. I have your medals, you are so very brave. Grandad tells me you are safe now with your friend who also died. Daddy misses you as well. You are our hero. Isabella 4E 8 years old.

Sometimes death is sad

Only soldiers can help us

Love is strong in many ways

Dividing families is sad

Injuries for soldiers is painful

Ending the war

Remembrance day, we remember the soldiers  Charlie 4E aged 8

My great grandad was a cook. He respected his team mates Billy 4E aged 8

My grandad John. Even though I never knew him, I’m sure my dad did. I’m so glad he lived life through the war enough to know how brave he was and that’s why I’m so lucky to have a granddad like him so we should help other country’s. Emily 4C aged 8

To my grandad Pete. I know you are up there in heaven looking over my shoulder every step of the way. Thank you for all your support not just for protecting me but the whole world. It is an honour wearing a poppy when I know I am wearing a poppy for you and I know you feel proud. Blake 4C aged 8

We wear our poppies with pride and respect for the soldiers who died and always remembered Eleanor aged 9 5H

Dear soldiers. I am thankful for what you have done for us and you are all brave to fight for our country. Thank you for all the soldiers who had risked their lives for us. I will wear my poppy with pride. Emily 5H aged 9

I wear my poppy with pride to remember all the soldiers who stepped up to the challenge just to make our lives even better. All the dangers you went through our lovely memories of life are owed to you. Mia  5JW aged 9

We wear a poppy to remember the brave soldiers that will lay peacefully where there will be no war we respect you millions. To all the young soldiers who joined the heart breaking war ~ lest we forget the sacrifice you made to let us live on. Thank you soldiers past and present.  Bailey 5JW aged 9

The army and the war are not good, however the army is protecting us. I’m sad that lots of soldiers have lost their lives to protect us. For that I am very grateful. Wear your poppy with pride. Wear your poppy to remember those who died. Wear your poppy with Pride. Josh 5NW aged 9

We are thankful to those who gave their lives for us. We will remember everyone who fought for our country and wear our poppies with pride.

Remember all the soldiers that have fallen

Every one of them were special

Many have unfortunately died

Every one of them is always in our hearts

Many you may know

Be thankful to them because they risked their life for you

Every day that goes by we always remember

Remember   Awo 5NW aged 9



Dear soldier. You left your home and family to protect us. Lives have been lost, tears have run down the faces of wives and little ones. Without you the world would be chaos. You ran into battle where you could die. If you never return you will have been a hero. Thank you. Hayden 6R agd 10

Soldiers you deserve that heroic feeling. You are true heroes.

Some of the soldiers sadly died

Our poppies explain their sacrifice

Longing to remember what they did for us

Death is what they didn’t deserve

In the trenches they fought for their lives

Everyone will remember them

Rest in peace soldiers Tianey 6R aged 10

Dear soldiers. Thank you for risking your lives to save our freedom. You fought well to lead us back into liberty. Every sacrifice will be remembered. They should never be forgotten. Men and women fought hard. Men fighting in the horror of the trenches. Women nursing the sick and injured. I simply say thank you. Hugo 6JW aged 10

Dear soldiers. You made our country a safe place. You went to war for us aware you may not return. Many did.Many didn’t but you fought for our freedom and peace. You kept on going even though things were tough. You are heroes and deserve to be remembered. Thanks for your sacrifice. Neve 6JW aged 10

I just wanted to say thank you for giving and risking your lives for us and our country. When you signed up to go to war you never knew what was instore for you all. But you lived through all the destruction and fought for our country. I will forever remember you. Thank you. Krisanne 6AW aged 10

You decided to climb on board to a dangerous world. You have agreed to risk your young soul for another life. Fighting for those who are living in masses of death and destruction. Helping those who are traumatized. I have written this poem to remember those who are so very brave, those who are deciding to fight for those children that are terrified and their families for a better future. Jessica 6AW aged 10

Dear thoughtful soldiers. You are the heroic heroes that continue to save and protect us to this day. Some of you are in eternal sleep and we will never forget your bravery and sacrifice. We wear poppies to remember. Rest in peace.You sparkle in everyones eyes as heroes that risked your lives. Thank you. Sammy 6F aged 10

Dear soldiers. Thank you for continuing to risk your life for us.We are so lucky to have people like you to stick by our side. 4 members of my family were in the army. My grandad is a hero to me. I will always remember how brave you are. Keep saving lives. Holly 6F aged 10