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Year 6 Classes

Welcome to Year 6



Welcome to Drake class with Miss Williams. We will also have Mrs Patel, Mrs Tilley and Mrs Atkinson supporting our class at different points throughout the week. We are all so excited to be working with the amazing new Drake class. This year, we will be learning about lots of interesting areas across a range of subjects. We will learn in Geography about life in the oceans and the difficulties that they face, such as the rise of plastic pollution. We will also learn about lots of different cultures and the history of different countries, as well as a brand-new style of art (Manga), which is well-known in Asia. In History, we will find out about what life was really like for soldiers fighting in the trenches in WW1, as well as how life was different for those back home too. We will also have lots of opportunities to practise our PE and Art skills, as well as learning how to become a kinder citizen in both our Jigsaw and RE sessions. We can also look forward to our weekly Fri-yay sessions where we will get to try lots of fun new activities and improve our communication skills. This year really will be packed full of fun and learning and is sure to be a fantastic final year at Swingate. 



Welcome to Columbus class with Miss Harpum. We are very excited to be in year 6 and look forward to a year of engaging in lots of fantastic learning. In Columbus class, we are so excited to get stuck in to all of our subjects. During the year we will dive in to learning about life under the ocean; discovering the impact humans have on sea life, explore the Asian culture and even be transported back to 1914 for WW1!. We will take part in lots of fun year 6 activities, make lots more memories and celebrate the class’ last year at Swingate. We all inspire to encompass our school values: Bravery, Resilience, empathy and Responsibility and the class is full of enthusiastic learners who try their hardest, support each other as part of a team and are ready for the challenges ahead. 



Welcome to Kingsley class with Miss Rokosz. Through the year, we will be learning about many interesting aspects that impact our lives. In Geography, we will learn about the life that happens in the oceans and about the difficulties that the marine creatures have to face, e.g., the plastic pollution, global warming. We will ‘travel’ across Asia to learn about different cultures, countries and their history. In History, we will discover the true picture of what life was like for the British soldiers fighting on the Western Front, as well as how the war changed the circumstances of women back home. Our final year at Swingate will be filled with many opportunities to create lots of memories. Visitors, theatre experiences and school trips are just a few to mention. Let’s embrace ourselves for a time of fun and learning - an amazing year to end the primary education here at Swingate.  


Welcome to Earhart Class.   In Earhart class we are aiming to finish our journey at Swingate the best we possibly can. We strive to be resilient with our learning and develop ourselves to grow into amazing individuals. We are really looking forward to our exciting learning on areas like Asia, World War 1 and our amazing oceans. We will be making sure we are ready for our secondary school adventures emotionally, physically and academically. We have some exciting adventures ahead of us this year in our learning including a trip to some spectacular replica World War 1 trenches. We look forward to the year and the opportunities it will bring.