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Year 3 Classes

Welcome to Year 3


Miss Hopkins and Mrs Harmer are excited to welcome you to Owl class. In Owl class we love being brave and learning new skills! We learn from our marvellous mistakes and understand how they help us grow. We are really proud of all the work we create in Owl class as we always try our best. Miss Hopkins loves sharing stories that can whisk us off on exciting adventures without even leaving the classroom!



Welcome to Hawk Class with Miss Dent and Mrs Manchester who are proud to be working with #TeamHawks this year. Miss Dent’s favourite lesson to teach is SLOR because she gets to do lots of funny voices. She also likes to create giant displays to celebrate her classes’ learning. Mrs Manchester is the cheerleader for Hawks class; she loves to celebrate every step of progress that each child makes.



Mr Gillett, Miss Pack and Mrs Smith would like to welcome you to Eagles Class. We love to show our resilience in our learning, as well as bravery in our work. Together we look forward to all of our exciting lessons for the year including: looking at The Romans, The Egyptians and The Greeks in History; North America, Earthquakes and The UK in Geography; animals, forces and space, materials, energy, and plants in Science. Our class is full of motivated and diligent learners that are always keen to improve themselves whilst showing empathy and support for their peers. We are all really excited for the year to come!