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Year 1 Classes

Welcome to Year 1


Hello and welcome to Flamingo Class!  

Our teacher, Miss Dockwray and our amazing teaching assistant, Miss Sayers believe it is important to work together as a classroom family. We spend lots of time together so it is important to treat each other with respect, kindness and compassion.  

In Year 1, we learn so many new and exciting things together. We get to learn about life cycles, Kandinsky, seasons and so much more! In our writing lessons, we use ‘Talk for Writing’ which means we learn a text and then get the opportunity to innovate the text (creating our own characters or settings!). Miss Dockwray and Mis Sayers help us learn and ensure they support us. Miss Dockwray is passionate about teaching all subjects although her favourite subject is Art! She loves being creative and making her lessons imaginative. Learning in Flamingo class is exciting and captivating, our classroom is full of colour and fun decorations. We love to get lost in a good reading book in our colourful reading corner or relaxing in the tranquil calm corner!  




You can follow Miss Dockwray’s Twitter for frequent updates on what we are getting up to at school! @MissDockwray




We love being in Tiger class with Mrs Wells and Mrs Turpie. It is ROAR-some!

We have so many wonderful and exciting things to learn about throughout the year. One of the fun ways we learn is through Talk For Writing which allows us to learn our text before we start writing.  Our love for reading has followed us into Year 1 and reading at home 4 times bands can earn us fantastic gifts from our very special prize box.

We have very sharp teeth but we do not bite so everyone is welcome!  We spend lots of time together so it is important to treat each other with respect, kindness and compassion.


We love being in Panda Class with Miss Mace and Mrs McBride. Pandas are cute and cuddly just like us and we are looking forward to new learning.  

We can’t wait for all the fun and exciting things we will be learning about in Year 1. We will be learning about ourselves and the passing of time, the world around us and how we relate to local area, and much, much more! One of Miss Mace’s favourite things to do is reading and in Panda Class we love reading a new book every day. We will learn to retell stories that we know and create our own stories in fun ways to really help our learning sink in. 

We like to be more independent and active learners, so Miss Mace and Mrs McBride will encourage us to have a go first and try our best. Although, we do like a challenge and enjoy finding solutions on our own or by helping our friends. Of course, the adults are there to help us if we get really stuck though!  

Everyone is welcome in Panda Class and we enjoy discovering all that we know and showing how resilient we are at all that we do. However, a hug is always there if you need one from a cuddly Panda. 

As you may well know, Pandas have very distinctive black and white markings, and just like our fury friends we too like to be distinctive by discovering and sharing our amazing talents. 

We can’t wait to discover all of yours!