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Swingate Primary School

Swingate Primary School

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Year 1 Classes

Welcome to Year 1


Hello and welcome to Unicorn class! 

Miss Moss is our class teacher who has been in Year 1 for five years, so it is safe to say she really loves year 1! Unicorn class work as a team to learn and support each other in everything we do. We are part of a great team in year 1 and our motto is to ‘believe, learn, achieve’ Miss Moss and Mrs Turpie, our wonderful TA, help us to build upon our determination, resilience and motivation to achieve all that we can. Learning in Unicorn class is always fun and engaging. Our class environment is a great place to be. We love to read in our book corner and check out the ‘cool books’ of the week. Miss Moss loves teaching lots of things but her most favourite is writing stories. In our writing lessons we all enjoy creating new characters that go on amazing adventures to lots of new and exciting places. We get to learn about our local area, the North and South Pole, famous inventors, adding and taking away numbers, we even get to practise some beautiful cursive handwriting and lots more! Miss Moss and Mrs Turpie think it is really important to work together as a class and become resilient learners (this means you never give up!) They help us with our resilience and we all work as a big unicorn family to be the best we can be. Each of us have different ways of thinking and learning so Miss Moss and Mrs Turpie help us become the best unicorn there is and we always have plenty of laughter and fun along the way! 




Hello and welcome to Tiger Class!

We are the class with the scariest teeth and the loudest roar! Our teacher, Miss Dockwray and our amazing teaching assistant, Mrs Hutchings believe it is important to work together as a classroom family. We spend lots of time together so it is important to treat each other with respect, kindness and compassion.

In Year 1, we learn so many new and exciting things together. We get to learn about Space, The North Pole, our Local Area and so much more! In our writing lessons we use ‘Talk for Writing’ which means we learn a text and then get the opportunity to innovate the text (creating our own characters or settings!). Miss Dockwray and Mrs Hutchings help us learn and ensure they support us. Miss Dockwray is passionate about teaching all subjects although her favourite subject is Art! She loves being creative and making her lessons imaginative. In Year 1, we create a piece of artwork based on ‘The Northern Lights’ using chalk; This is one of Miss Dockwray’s favourite art pieces we create. Learning in Tiger class is exciting and captivating, our classroom is full of colour and fun decorations. We love to get lost in a good reading book in our colourful reading corner or relaxing in the tranquil calm corner!

You can follow Miss Dockwray’s Twitter for frequent updates on what we are getting up to at school! @MissDockwray


Welcome to the brilliant Pandas with Miss Hopkins and our wonderful TA Mrs Simmons. Together we make Team Pandas! We love working together, helping each other and spreading kindness around Swingate to ensure it is the best place to be.

In Pandas, we always try to make learning fun and a safe place to learn from our marvellous mistakes. Even Miss Hopkins and Mrs Simmons make marvellous mistakes sometimes! Miss Hopkins loves reading us a variety of stories to whisk us away on different exciting adventures. In Year 1, we get to learn all about the world around us from our local area to the Polar Regions. We even find out about the people that have been lucky enough to go into space! We work hard to use cursive writing so that are own stories are exciting and beautiful. We can’t wait to share our learning with you!