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Swingate Sport

Swingate Primary School is committed to ensuring that we offer a large range of after-school clubs for children to take part in and promote our values of all children flourishing from a wealth of learning experiences that positively impact on academic, physical and emotional success.  

All teachers are committed to running a variety of clubs throughout the year including sports, music, academic and creativity to encourage children to take part in something they already enjoy or to find a new passion in life.  

In the 2022/2023 academic year, there were a total of 29 extracurricular sporting clubs for children to choose from. 

Physical Education at Swingate Primary School  

Physical Education plays a huge part of every child’s experience at Swingate Primary School. Our aim is to inspire our pupils to remain active and live a healthy lifestyle that will impact their whole life both at Swingate and beyond.   

How we do this:  

  1. Two PE sessions a week  
  2. A large range of sports clubs are available for the children  
  3. Liaising with local clubs to come in and coach and inspire the children  
  4. Entering a number of competitive events including the Mini Youth Games  
  5. Having a large range of equipment available for children to use during playtimes in order to make these times as active as possible.  
  6. Training young sports leaders to work with and support the younger children  
  7. A whole 'Healthy Living Week' in Term 6 to give the children a chance to experience a wide range of sports and activities that they may not have tried previously. 

Our commitment to ensure that we provide an excellent Physical Education curriculum both in the classroom and the wider opportunities at the school is evident from achieving the Gold Standard in the School Games Marks (a government scheme to reward and recognise a school’s drive to provide the best sporting opportunity to their pupils) and winning ‘Primary School of the Year’ at the prestigious Medway Sports Awards. Alongside securing 7th place overall in the yearly Mini Youth Games Series (out of nearly 60 local schools).  

Around 3,700 primary school children take part in the Mini Youth Games series each year.

The Games are open to pupils from every primary school child in Medway and invitational external schools.

Prizes are awarded at each event and points are gained towards the overall MYG title. A fair play trophy is awarded at each event and there is an annual participation prize for the school that selects the largest number of children to take part in MYG events. 

Leading schools also qualify for Night of Champions finals as part of the summer Medway Festival of Sport.