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School Uniform

Our School Uniform can be purchased online from Uniformbase by clicking the link.

Please click here to purchase school uniform

We have high expectations in all areas of school life and this includes dress. Our uniform consists of simple functional clothing suitable for the range of activities which may be encountered during the school day. We believe children should look neat and tidy and feel part of the school community. By maintaining high standards in uniform means children take pride in the way they look and supports the school’s behaviour policy and therefore helps to maintain high standards throughout all aspects of school life.

Swingate School Uniform

  • Blue (preferably with school logo) jumper
  • Grey or black trousers
  • Grey or black skirt
  • White shirt
  • School tie
  • Blue summer dress or black/grey shorts
  • Sensible flat shoes or black trainers

Swingate School Uniform does not consist of:

  • Flip-flops or heels
  • Boots
  • Jeans
  • Jumpers with logos
  • Hooded tops (allowed outside as a coat).
  • Jogging trousers
  • Caps (unless permission given in the summer months)
  • Stick on tattoos/transfers
  • Alice bands which are not plain black or blue

If children enter the school not wearing the correct uniform a parent will be informed and asked to get the correct uniform. An official letter will go out explaining that this is not the correct uniform and the correct uniform needs to be purchased. Communication is essential, so if there are any problems they need to be relayed to the school. Children may have to wear spare school uniform until the correct uniform is provided. This includes changing into plimsolls if the correct footwear is not being worn. Persistent incorrect uniform will result in a member of theSenior Leadership Team arranging a meeting with the parents to solve the problem. The school will work in partnership with parents/carers to resolve any difficulties regarding the purchase of school uniform.


For health and safety reasons most jewellery is not allowed to be worn. The only jewellery permitted is:

  • Stud earrings for pierced ears.
  • Watches.
  • Plain blue or black hairbands or small bows no bigger than 2.5 inches

Earrings and watches have to be removed for P.E. and children need to be able to do this themselves. The school does not take any responsibility for any items of jewellery that are lost or broken.

All other items of jewellery are not allowed in school:

  • Hooped earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces (unless for religious reasons)
  • False nails and/or any nail varnish
  • Make-up

If children come into school wearing any jewellery that is not allowed, they will be asked to remove the piece of jewellery. Parents will be informed at the end of the day that the jewellery was removed and will be reminded by the class teacher of the policy. If a child is wearing nail varnish or make-up, the child will be asked to remove it and parents will be informed.


On your child's PE day (wearing PE kit to school):

Please ensure your child is wearing clothing (including shoes) that is appropriate for the weather and all jewellery is removed before coming to school. This will avoid any items getting lost or broken during removal.

  • Plain or with a school badge white t-shirt or polo shirt (NOT branded)

  • Plain navy or black shorts (weather permitting)

  • Plimsolls or Trainers (weather permitting)

  • Plain navy blue/black tracksuit bottoms or leggings (NOT branded)

  • School jumper/fleece (not a branded jumper) 

  • Hair tied back

  • No jewellery


When your child brings a PE kit to school please ensure it consists of:

  • Plain or with a school badge white t-shirt or polo shirt (NOT branded)

  • Plain navy or black shorts (weather permitting)

  • Plimsolls or Trainers (weather permitting)

  • Plain navy blue/black tracksuit bottoms or leggings (NOT branded)

No jewellery

At Swingate Primary School we believe that when a child does not bring in their P.E. kit this can negatively impact on their P.E. curriculum. We therefore suggest that children keep their P.E. kit in school and take home termly to be washed. If children persistently do not have the correct kit, the Senior Leadership Team will arrange a meeting with parents to discuss the matter further.