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Swingate Primary School

Swingate Primary School

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School Council

Welcome to our school councillor section.  You will find out who our school councillors are and what we have been up to to keep on making Swingate the amazing school it is. 


Our 2019-2020 school councillors are:

Red Pandas: Amy, Toby

Tigers: Isle, Frankie

Unicorns: Freya, Teddy

Meerkats: Annie, Tye

Parrots: Archie, Lola

Giraffes: Testimon, Eddie

Eagles: Dylian, Alesha

Owls: Maggie, Alexi

Hawks: Maizie Lee, Harrison

Falcons: Ivan, Leysha

Kites: Danny, Lucy

Buzzards: Harry, Georgina

Jupiter: Freddie, Evie

Neptune: Bethany, Ned

Saturn: Teddy, Mia

Kingsley: Frankie, Lexie

Drake: Darley, Joseph

Columbus: Ella, Harry

Polo: Mason, Emily