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Our Values at Swingate

At Swingate we are proud to be part of the Bluebell Federation.  Our federation mission is:

We all flourish from a wealth of learning experiences that positively impact on academic, physical and emotional success.

Our values are academic, physical and emotional success.  Everything we do is planned to ensure it helps us achieve our mission and are always part of our values.  

Academic Success

Academic success is important for our children who will grow up into a world of increasing technological demands and a diversifying workforce. Academic success boosts self-esteem and impacts positively on behaviours and social interactions within peer groups and with others. Children who are successful academically are more likely to be well-rounded and self-sufficient individuals and will have a wider range of opportunities during their life.

We ensure that children will be academically successful by taking account of an individual’s starting point and helping them to make excellent progress through our curriculum offer. We acknowledge that academic success will look different for every child and will celebrate all progress in order to develop intrinsic self-motivation; to do well for the sake of wanting to do well. We will be driven by our understanding to make choices that will only benefit the children’s academic success.

Physical Success

Physical success is important so that children are able to grow up to be healthy citizens who can make good choices about their lifestyle. Being physically successful helps your brain to work better allowing you to think more clearly, boosts your memory and enhances your concentration and focus. Being physically successful is also important because it has a positive impact on mental health, improving your ability to do everyday activities and adapt and overcome problems or difficulties.

We ensure that children are physically successful through

  • PE lessons
  • Secondary School PE links
  • Sports clubs
  • Sports leaders at break
  • Play/lunch sessions
  • A range of other activities
  • Being physically proactive in a lesson
  • Being ready to learn

Emotional Success

Emotional success is important because it is a key aspect of having a healthy lifestyle. Being self-aware is an important part of being able to work with others successfully and helps us to form meaningful relationships based on an understanding of give and take. Nourishing our social relationships can lead to more success and happiness. Emotional intelligence can help to improve communication and problem-solving. It helps to develop empathetic individuals who are able to build relationships based on mutual trust.

We ensure that children are emotionally successful by

  • Well established RSHE curriculum
  • Promoting the understanding of how an individual can allow themselves and others to flourish
  • Encouraging independent and collaborative relationships
  • Appreciating diversity
  • Maintaining high expectations of behaviour and manners
  • Teaching children how to listen to others and respect their viewpoints

In an ever-changing world, the development of key characteristics is essential for children as they grow into young adults as they get ready for their life beyond education. Developing positive character values will help our children to grow into positive citizens ready for the world of employment with transferable skills.

We have four character values at Swingate that we teach our children:

Bravery: We want our children to step outside of their comfort zones and take giant steps in all aspects of life and learn to become aspirational. 

Resilience: We want our children to be equipped to face the challenges the presents and be best version of themselves. 

Empathy: We want our children to not be tolerant but to be anti-discriminatory for all minority groups and individuals. 

Responsibility: We want our children to be active and independent learners who have pride in themselves.  

 At Swingate we also pride ourselves on ensuring that our character values and mission are in line with the 9 Protected Characteristics to ensure equality for all of our community:

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