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Our curriculum is formed from a number of different experiences.

  • Children will learn primarily through a range of different lessons in classrooms be they discrete learning experiences or continual/blended experiences with a driving question.
  • They will have access to a range of different assemblies that will develop their understanding of our schools’ character values, the world and cultural events.
  • Playtimes and lunchtimes will form key times for the children to engage in social and less structured physical activity.
  • Children will have special theme days and will engage with significant events in British history.
  • There will be access to a range of different clubs/trips to supplement learning and provide a range of life experiences.
  • Homework will focus on basic skills.
  • After school provision will promote physical and emotional excellence.

How we judge the success of our curriculum

We define academic success as:

  • Children achieving excellent progress from their starting points
  • Children with positive attitudes towards learning
  • Children who are driven and motivated to do well
  • Having the ability to transfer and apply skills and knowledge between disciplines

We define physical success as:

  • Everyone is ready to participate in learning
  • Having the knowledge to make informed choices about healthy diet
  • Being able to participate in a healthy lifestyle
  • Being aware of the barriers to a healthy lifestyle and knowing how to overcome them.

We define emotional success as:

  • Recognition and appreciation of diversity
  • Supporting themselves and others to flourish
  • Becoming independently and collaborative learners
  • Having resilience in the face of adversity