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Swingate Primary School

Swingate Primary School

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School Council

Welcome to our school councillor section.  You will find out who our school councillors are and what we have been up to to keep on making Swingate the amazing school it is. 


Our school councillors are:

Pandas: Harry and Sienna

Tigers: Declan and Maggie

Unicorns: Mason and Lilly-Rose

Meerkats: Owen and Scarlett

Parrots: Danny and Lucy

Giraffes: Zara and Liam

Eagles: Freddie and Holly

Owls: Bethany and Charlie

Hawks: Lauren and Charlie

Falcons: Amelia and Bailey

Kites: Ben and Rubie-Mae

Buzzards: Benjamin and Emily

Jupiter: Paige and Abeiku

Neptune: Charlie and Sidney

Saturn: Freddie and Lexie-Kay

Kingsley: Harry and Shannon

Drake: Paul and Leah

Columbus: Taylor and Megan

Polo: Emily and Peter