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Swingate Primary School

Swingate Primary School

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Foundation Stage 2 Classes




Welcome to Brilliant Bumblebee class. We love learning new things, exploring our environment and playing together. Our class mascot is Bumble the Bear and he loves going home to find out what his friends get up to on the weekend. Miss Dent and Mrs Little are very proud of how hard we work and how much we are learning. We are always ready for new challenges and we our spreading our wings, like real little Bumblebees, always trying our best in everything we do.


We are the lovely Ladybirds and we would like to share with you how we learn in Foundation Stage 2.

We use our outside space to discover all about the world around us and enjoy building our muscles by using the climbing frame, adventure playground and the bikes and scooters.

We will enjoy dressing up and using the playhouse, digging and making recipes in the mud kitchen.

We will learn our sounds and words which we can use to read books and can help with our writing.

We have lots of fun with dough disco and write dance developing all our gross and fine motor skills to make our writing better.

We sing songs and say rhymes that help with our counting and numbers.

We will become great artists using paint, chalks and collage.

We go to Forest school to go on a minibeast hunt and make camps.

We will become independent and look after our things and take care of the school equipment.

But most of all we have FUN while we are learning.

 Caterpillar Class


We are Caterpillar Class!

We love to play with our friends, learning to share and play nicely.

We learn about letters and the sounds they make. This helps us learn to read.

We do lots of fun things like write dance and dough disco which help our muscles get stronger and make our writing get better.

We sing songs about numbers, shapes and colours.

We learn to do things all by ourselves.

We learn inside, we learn outside! We learn about the world around us.

We sing, we dance, we paint, we learn to use scissors and so much more but most all we have fun!!